This one-day workshop provides an overview of current world-class personal productivity material, and explains both how and why this concept has superseded time management models. It progressively outlines a personal productivity model that will inspire you to greater effectiveness at work.


Facilitator - Roger Lewis

Personal productivity has superseded time management as a model for personal development. Traditional time management techniques have focused on the setting and sequencing of priorities, but the world of business has changed. ‘Knowledge work’ has no clear boundaries, and frequently no clear outcomes. Change is relentless, information flow is vast, and jobs themselves have no constant reference point. The traditional time management model, with an emphasis on systems and priorities, simply cannot accommodate the complexity and rapidity of change inherent in those very priorities.

Personal productivity takes a radically different approach, by focusing not on managing time or priorities, but instead on the management of attention and the maximisation of actions in order to master workflow. The concepts covered in this workshop are consistent with current thinking on situated and embodied cognition as in ‘the extended mind’ (Clark & Chalmers, 1998), ‘feedback control’ (Heylighen & Joslyn, 2001), and with the positive psychology concept of ‘flow’ (Csikszentmihalyi, 1990).

This workshop synthesises best practice material from a variety of international programmes and publications to offer a framework for effective personal productivity that any person can customise to their own corporate and personal lifestyle, goals and values. Because it is based on principles and not products, it can be easily adapted by the visual/tactile person into a hands-on paper-based system, or by the linear/digital person into an elegant electronic system. It is based on the premise that workflow management and personal productivity is an art that can be learned and mastered.

This workshop qualifies for NZTE's Capability Development Voucher Scheme.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • create your own personal productivity model to manage your projects and actions
  • grasp the concept of building trusted external memory
  • decide on and begin to use your preferred attention capture tool
  • develop true priorities by understanding your areas of responsibility
  • understand and maintain the integrity of your total inventory of Attention Agreements.


  • A summary review of key conceptual thoughts in the sphere of personal productivity
  • Establishing a robust framework for managing attention and maximising action
  • Mastering the five key stages of workflow: Collect, Process, Organise, Action, Review
  • Developing the skill of ‘Next Action’ front-end consequence based thinking
  • Learning the discipline and benefit of practising a process of Weekly Review


  • "Roger was an inspirational course leader and sparked many thoughts and ideas about how I could improve both my professional and personal life."
  • "Very well taught subject. The presenter was entertaining and enthusiastic. Enjoyed his style of presenting."
  • "It made me feel comfortable about using the processes of GTD (some of which I already use) as a valid and essential part of work."

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