This masterclass challenges a range of closely-held beliefs within governance circles. These beliefs result in two failures - the board are ineffective in influencing organisational performance and executives fail to utilise the board's intellectual capital as a strategic resource for the benefit of the organisation.


Facilitator: Denis Mowbray

Contrary to popular belief, defining the combined board and executive as a team does not imply the destruction of organisational hierarchy. In fact, this third team facilitates the continuing existence of hierarchies and structures; it defines how the boundary between board and management is bridged, enabling the board’s intellectual capital to improve organisational performance. Isn’t that what they are there for?

As long as hierarchy and structure add value to performance, there will be a need for the relational space defined as the third team to span these boundaries.

The ability for a board to influence the performance of the organisation it governs ultimately depends not on one single characteristic but on a complex mix of multiple characteristics and multiple genes. Importantly, you will learn that it is specific genes that produce the characteristics that are important in facilitating the board’s ability to influence organisational performance. This has led to the understanding that it is the board and executive combined as the third team whose behavioural governance influences organisational performance.

This masterclass addresses the leadership behaviour of Vision and Strategy on our Leadership Competencies Framework.

Target Audience

Leadership Masterclasses are aimed at current or aspiring leaders as well as leadership development professionals.

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