Are your tenders one step ahead of the rest?... Do your people write tenders and proposals that win?... or do they need some coaching to 'lift your game'? This workshop will give you and your people practical tools to write winning bids.


This workshop is delivered in partnership between ODI and Plan A, and is presented by Caroline Boot, the founder and manager of Plan A.

Learn how to use proven tools and gain real insight from the professionals. Plan A is New Zealand's largest and most experienced tender writing company. Their success rate is spectacular. They write hundreds of tenders for companies in New Zealand and abroad each year - and they win almost four out of every five tenders they bid. From their regular work with evaluators, councils and NZTA, Plan A finds out what works and what doesn't, which gives their team unique insight into how to win - consistently - in the New Zealand tendering environment.

This interactive workshop includes practical exercises, good and bad examples, and a host of hot tips.

See flyer attached.


  • What do Tender Evaluators look for?
  • Evaluation processes and scoring systems
  • Tendering roles and processes – efficient bid management
  • Bid strategy development
  • The Executive Summary
  • Tender templates - structuring your response
  • Document presentation and formatting
  • Writing styles and content development
  • Reviews and tender close out
  • Dealing with rush jobs and preparation between tenders


  • Plan A's Lift Your Game tender workshop was invaluable for our team - not only to understand what the evaluators are looking for these days, but practical, sensible advice about dealing with the huge demands on tender teams. We have a much better understanding of where we should put our efforts to get the best scores.
  • Since we did Plan A's tendering course, we've won three tenders in a row, with the highest attribute scores of all bidders. Our team is focused and well organised, they understand how to structure tenders to NZTA's model to get the best marks, and tendering is no longer a panic!

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