This two-day workshop provides practical and useful leadership tools for experienced and new leaders that can be applied immediately to effect positive results at work. It introduces a clearly defined system of skills and methods that will enhance all forms of decision making, delegation, communication and motivation.


Facilitator: Robin Rawson

For many leaders the management of things can take us away from the leadership of people. Both are prerequisites to effectively executing business strategy and creating highly motivated teams that can consistently and willingly ‘do the job’.

Four Quadrant Leadership is based on the principles and practices of excellence in leadership and is founded on centuries of accumulated evidence from history, philosophy, science, ethics and other sources of knowledge and wisdom. When these principles are being constantly demonstrated, competent managers can become excellent leaders.

This is a comprehensive leadership system – to assist you in both recognising your capabilities as a leader and demonstrating those capabilities with clearly defined, proven, leadership practices.

Applying accelerated learning techniques, you will be actively engaged in syndicate discussion groups, a wide range of leadership scenarios, experiential exercises, case studies, self assessments/profiling and flip chart exercises.

This workshop also encourages and facilitates a high level of self reflection based on past performance and experiences and then focuses you on future hopes, dreams and expectations based on the new knowledge gained.

An extensive workshop manual folder is provided for notes and forms the framework of content for the two days. It comes complete with course exercises, ‘master’ documents, templates and key reference points for future use back on-the-job.

This workshop qualifies for NZTE's Capability Development Voucher Scheme.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • understand the theory and practices of Four Quadrant Leadership
  • have courageous conversations about performance and conflict
  • make better decisions
  • reflect on and improve your own leadership practices.

Target Audience

This workshop is for both experienced and new leaders who are:

  • highly motivated to succeed
  • determined to progress strategy through people
  • expected to assume a high level of responsibility for achieving strategic business outcomes
  • keen to explore and realise their potential as a true leader
  • positive and professional in every way.


  • Distinctions between leadership and management
  • Personal mastery and how to take control of bad habits
  • Relationships - winning hearts and not just heads
  • Diagnosis of poor performance and how to deal with it – permanently
  • Handling conflict in the workplace
  • Having courageous conversations - where required
  • Applying ‘The Quadrants’ for effective decision making – every time
  • Handling stress… some myths, truths and cures
  • Self reflection on both past performance and future opportunities
  • Reaffirming of strengths in those things you currently do well
  • Being challenged to change and improve in those areas of weakness/opportunity
  • Growing in confidence through specific leadership techniques
  • Learning from those who have gone before us
  • Establishing new personal development goals/expectations for the future


  • "This workshop/seminar is the best I have attended. I will recommend this widely."
  • "I really liked this workshop. It adds a bit of certainty to an art which is a good thing for someone with a science background."
  • "Fantastic workshop. Excellent presenter."
  • "Really excellent and practical workshop."
  • "I would recommend this 4QL course to all managers for self-improvement."

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