The aim of this programme is to provide you with new communication behaviours within the context of the MBTI framework that will improve internal customer certainty, relationships, collaboration and satisfaction.


Facilitator: Dr Michelle Shields

The programme reviews the MBTI framework and individual types with a focus on self-awareness and within-team communication. You will work on MBTI typing of others as a workplace assignment. This will leverage into communication strategies with internal customers, including development of a Communication Charter to support client engagements.

The programme will provide information, tools and practice of new communications behaviours. It will support adoption of these behaviours in the workplace setting.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • adapt and show flexibility when communicating with others
  • develop relationships within the team and with internal customers
  • communicate messages clearly and concisely - focusing on key points and using appropriate language
  • capture customer feedback and pass it to relevant channels in the organisation
  • identify implications of communication issues that impact your own work objectives
  • recognise the impact of your own communications on others and be open to constructive feedback


Day 1:  Effective Communications within the Team and Developing Self-Awareness in Communication Preferences

  • Introduction to MBTI and communication
  • Bringing your MBTI type back into focus
  • Applying MBTI insights to internal team communications
  • MBTI and self-leadership – understanding your type and how it affects communication preferences
  • Self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence in customer interactions
  • Explanation of practice assignment

Between Sessions:  Identifying MBTI Types in Others

Workplace Exercise: Participants will be asked to identify people in their work-lives whose MBTI is very similar/different than their own and to describe the behaviours that led them to believe that. They will then be asked to practise working in a way that would accommodate another style that is different than their own and describe what that is like for them.

Day 2:  Building Strong Internal Customer Relationships through Effective Communications: Building a Client Engagement Charter

  • Reflections and feedback on practice
  • Packaging communications for the needs of others
  • Building client trust through effective communication strategies (client engagement practices for the team)
  • Responding to client feedback
  • Customer/team communication charter – adding to client engagement practices
  • MBTI and collaboration – making diversity work for innovative outcomes

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